A lot of blocks

When it comes to finding toys that both encourages creativity and stimulates the brain, there is no better find than a good construction toy.  Not only do they help your child learn to play independently, but they also help develop fine motor skills, which are imperative to strong development.

Lego Duplo building Sets are a fantastic way to teach your child necessary skills while still allowing him to have lots of fun!  These sets come in a variety of different activities.  From model building construction to artistic design, there is sure to be something to suit every child’s personality type.

Duplo constructions which need a lot of blocks. Have fun!

Lego Duplo Big Giraffe
Lego Duplo Old church of Vichte
Lego Duplo Big tower
Lego Duplo Empire state building
Lego Duplo Eiffel tower
Lego Duplo Eiffel tower foot
Lego Duplo Eiffel tower platform
Lego Duplo Eiffel tower platform
Lego Duplo Eiffel tower top
Lego Duplo Rocket
Lego Duplo Petronas twin towers