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My First Fire Station 6138

Lego Duplo set 6138 - My First Fire Station

The brave firefighters are on their way to put out a fire in their little firefighting cars. They have a lot of tools, like a ladder, fire axe and fire hose, to help them put out the blaze. DUPLO bricks, figures and elements are colourful, safe and sturdy for little hands and big imaginations.


My First Supermarket 6137

Lego Duplo set 6137 - My First Supermarket

The busy supermarket is always full of shoppers. And with so much to buy, like bananas, bread, cake, soap, coffee and strawberries, the cashier will be busy at the cash register. DUPLO bricks, figures and elements are colourful, safe and sturdy for little hands and big imaginations.


Doctor's Clinic - 5695

Lego Duplo set 5695 - Doctor's Clinic

The doctor is busy helping his patients at the clinic. Once they arrive in the ambulance with real lights and sounds, he uses the stethoscope and other medical equipment to make them feel better. It looks like the woman might need a cast or a wheelchair to get home again.


Market Place 5683

Lego Duplo set 5683 - Market Place

The greengrocer is getting ready for another beautiful day! Help him set up his fresh fruit, vegetables and bread and don?t forget to shade everything with the umbrella.


Fishing Trip 5654

Lego Duplo set 5654 - Fishing Trip

Dad and son are on a fun fishing trip and camping at the lake side. The friendly little bear hopes that it can taste some of the fish that dad is doing his best to catch!


Stone Quarry 5653

Lego Duplo set 5653 - Stone Quarry

It’s another busy work day at the LEGO Ville stone quarry. The big front loader is piling up big stones, while the powerful crane grabs and loads them into the back of the truck for delivery to different construction sites around town.


Road Construction 5652

Lego Duplo set 5652 - Road Construction

A new motorway is under construction and the truck driver has his truck packed with everything needed for the job. A construction worker is busy rolling the new pavement flat with the road roller and another worker is hauling bricks in the wheelbarrow.


Bridge 3774

Lego Duplo set 3774 - Bridge

Exciting new big bridge. More than 102 cm long!