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World Grand Prix 5839

Lego Duplo set 5839 - World Grand Prix

The big World Race is over and the winner is about to be announced! Who will be crowned champion? Will it be Lightning McQueen or will one of his rivals win the cup and take his place on top of the podium?


The Pit Stop 5829

Lego Duplo set 5829 - The Pit Stop

Our hero Lightning McQueen is about to race Francesco. Help his pit crew friends Guido and FillMore check his tires and top him up with fuel before he takes to the race track.


Big Bentley 5828

Lego Duplo set 5828 - Big Bentley

Lightning McQueen and Mater are visiting super spy Finn McMissile in London. Get to the top of Big Bentley clock tower using the winch and drive through the ramp. But watch out for Finn McMissile as he flies into the sky!


Tokyo Racing 5819

Lego Duplo set 5819 - Tokyo Racing

It’s time for the Tokyo World Grand Prix and Lightning McQueen is up against super-fast Carla. Can Lightning McQueen use all his speed and beat her to the finish line?


Luigi's Italian Place 5818

Lego Duplo set 5818 - Luigi's Italian Place

Luigi and Guido have returned to Italy to recharge their batteries at Mama’s place before the next big race. But they can’t sit still for long, and are sure to start practicing their pit stop skills on the spare wheel.


Agent Mater 5817

Lego Duplo set 5817 - Agent Mater

Mater's spy friends have just fitted him with a big cannon, but he’s not sure how to use it? Help him fire at the targets so he can become a real sharp shooter!


Mack’s Road Trip 5816

Lego Duplo set 5816 - Mack’s Road Trip

Finally on their way to the big Piston Cup championship, Mack and Lightning McQueen are hoping to get there in time. But they better not drive too fast, Sheriff is keeping a close eye on them. Set includes Lightning McQueen, his transport truck, Mack, and Sheriff, highway signs, truck stop sign and large cactus.