Police & Fire Police & Fire

Fire Truck 5682

Lego Duplo set 5682 - Fire Truck

Emergency! Drive to the scene, use the extendable ladder with basket to rescue someone from a tall building and then put out the fire. Everything you need to save the day!


Police Station 5681

Lego Duplo set 5681 - Police Station

The robber is escaping from prison on a motorbike! Help the police catch him using the police car and helicopter. Can they catch the robber before he gets away?


Police Truck 5680

Lego Duplo set 5680 - Police Truck

Help the policeman catch the bank robber! He?s stealing money from the bank and the policeman must catch him and take him to the police station in the back of the police truck.


Police Bike 5679

Lego Duplo set 5679 - Police Bike

The busy policeman drives around town on his motorbike making sure the traffic moves along and everyone is safe. He also makes sure that people stop when the light is red.


Policeman 5678

Lego Duplo set 5678 - Policeman

It's a nice day and the policeman is walking with his police dog around town. He?s always on the lookout for robbers.