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My First Zoo 6136

Lego Duplo set 6136 - My First Zoo

It's another fun day at the zoo. With four cute zoo animals, including a baby elephant, tiger, polar bear and giraffe, there's always something for the friendly zoo keeper to do, like feeding the animals. DUPLO bricks, figures and animals are colourful, safe and sturdy for little hands and big imaginations.


Vet 5685

Lego Duplo set 5685 - Vet

The little brown rabbit doesn?t feel well and has gone to see the vet. Can you help her examine the rabbit and make it feel better again?


Pet Shop 5656

Lego Duplo set 5656 - Pet Shop

There are a lot of cute little animals and pet food for sale at the LEGO Ville pet shop! The little girl loves to talk to the dog, cat and little rabbit. She helps feed them and then puts them back in their cages. The friendly shop keeper is always busy at the register or stocking the shelves.


Horse Stables 5648

Lego Duplo set 5648 - Horse Stables

It’s nearly time for the horse jumping competition and Dad and his little girl have been busy getting the horses ready. Dad is escorting one of the horses to the horse trailer while the girl is practicing jumps.


Farm Nursery 5646

Lego Duplo set 5646 - Farm Nursery

The baby farm animals need a lot of looking after. The little farm girl loves taking care of the baby calf, sheep and pony while the playful cat keeps an eye on everything.


Chicken Coop 5644

Lego Duplo set 5644 - Chicken Coop

It’s time to collect eggs! Grandma is busy collecting eggs from the chicken coop while the happy hen is perched on the nearby fence cooing along.


Little Piggy 5643

Lego Duplo set 5643 - Little Piggy

The little piggy is hungry, but grandpa is there to feed the pig with a bale of hay.


Big City Zoo 5635

Lego Duplo set 5635 - Big City Zoo

It’s always a great day for a family visit to the city zoo. With 12 playful animals, including tigers and cute bear cubs, there's always something going on! The zookeeper is busy moving from enclosure to enclosure, caring for the animals.


Feeding Zoo 5634

Lego Duplo set 5634 - Feeding Zoo

It's feeding time at the zoo! Driving around in his off-roader, the zookeeper makes sure the elephant, giraffe, crocodile, lions and lion cub get just what they need. They sure are happy it's feeding time.


Polar Zoo 5633

Lego Duplo set 5633 - Polar Zoo

The playful penguins just love to slide down the chute, while the polar bear and its adorable little cub can't wait to be fed their favourite fish by the zookeeper.