Amazing Awesome

Lego pinguin

A beautiful pinguin that you can make yourself, but you need a lot of stones!

R2D2 in lego

Star wars is a good inspiration source for lego fanatics. R2D2 in full glory with thousands of lego bricks.

Lego Indiana Jones

They tried to make a Lego figure of Harrison’s fiancee Calista Flockhart but they couldn’t show enough features on the thickness of two Lego bricks.

Breakout Lego

I’m breaking out and coming after you, evil Lego wizard who imprisoned me in Lego Dimension!

Big Stack of Legos

orld’s Tallest Lego Structure at Legoland in Carlsbad, California, was 92 feet high, and took 12,000 people to stack 400,000 bricks for five days straight.

Lego C3PO

He’s beside a Clone Wars Trooper, but did they run out of yellow bricks for the droid’s leg?